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Friday, 4 June 2010

What eras inspire your crafting?

At last I am here finally writing a post! I promise to be far more diligent in future!
I have been incredibly busy visiting vintage stores, browsing magazines including some great editions of womens weekly from the 1940s (a great find in Snooper's Paradise,Brighton.) This has allowed me to get story boards building - I love doing these!
I have sourced some fabulous 1940s fabrics which when you are a fabric freak like me is really exciting!Expect to see this stash appearing later in the year in some of our special retro creations.
Since really concentrating on storyboards I have realised just how deeply I love the fashion and accessories of the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Without a doubt this will show through in my work! What eras particularly inspire you and why? I'd love to know!
To relax I have spent time at the coast recently. Living in London the most obvious place to go is the south coast. Being mad about sailing I seem to have taken loads of photos of boats! I have got some particulalry sweet pics of Ruby Summer "rowing" the tender down in Chichester Harbour. It was a very giggly day especially when she insisted on singing "row row row the boat" quite a few times! Anyway pic will be uploaded asap - just give me two minutes to tranfer them to my lappy!
The barbecue is beckoning on the garden on this gorgeous summers evening so must go!
Looking forward to seeing my crafting crew girlies next week at the Craft Barn in Lingfiled - yay!
Happy crafting - be daring
Lots of love
Janie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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