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Saturday, 12 June 2010


What a week! Long long days at work and exciting post!
We are full flow in exams now so tension is high in the sixth form! Anything that can go wrong has gone wrong this week - students forgetting their exam times and arriving late, students forgetting about their exams (how?!) and racing around to find enough answer booklets. Combine that with tears of despair and elation - you've got the picture!

To compensate I have had some lovely post this week. Glue, fabric and handbag frames. I've got the most beautiful antique brass finish frame to work with. Combining that with two different prints of Moda French General fabric and I am ready to go! Everything is cut out and just waiting for me to shift my bottom away from my blog and get it sat in the dining room - which if I were feeling pretentious I would call my studio! Somehow the room functions as a dining room, office, study and sewing room. I can only assume this room must be a female as it is multi-tasking!

Last week I told you that I had got some great vintage fabrics and bits and pieces in Brighton - how fab is "Snoopers Paradise" in the North Lanes? I have put a couple of pics up to show you what I was getting so excited over!
I'm expecting a few more little parcels this week - I've had a field day in between exam stress sourcing vintage or interesting fabric pieces.
I have decided not to go sailing this weekend such is my desire to make the handbag! So tomorrow morning it's off to the gym and then straight home and squirrel myself away in the dining room!
Well if all goes well a piccie of finished project will follow!
Happy days
J xxx


  1. Wow can't wait to see your finished projects and I bet the bag will be stunning dahlinks xx

  2. ive done it as you have seen! shall go and take a couple of piccies to upload now!