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Saturday, 30 October 2010

hey you!

OMG since my last posting I have been busy busy busy (again!). I have been to a designer masterclass to make sure I stay ahead of the game with my skills. It was fantastic! I learned so may new ways to do things. I got to use lots of new tools too - a spiral clamp is now on my christmas shopping list!!!
I have been sourcing loads of fabrics - as you probably know by now I love vintage fabrics. I love looking for odd pieces - I dont want rolls of the stuff as I want each bag I create to be individual.I am pretty sad you know - I love touching the stuff and envisaging it made in to one of my ideas! HELP - now I have confessed the men in white coats will be after me!
I have been over to the north east coast of Corfu again.Got back yesterday. I have picked up more greek too - in about ten years I should be fluent!!!We stayed in a fab villa full of va va voom with the most awesome views (pics will be on facebook (Janie Cook) very soon!)
Obviously I took my very sexy camera and drawing books etc with me - who needs to pack lots of clothes when there are important arty farty things to pack? well ok - I did take a fair few things with me of the clothing variety and then wore practically the same stuff most of the week!
The scenery out there is awesome and very inspring - I was looking at the mountains over the the bay in Albania - the shapes were awesome - they got me thinking about the finish on a bag I had drawn earlier that morning which I had based around a huge urn full of flowers - I can hear those men in white coats on their way!
By the end of the week I had sketched three very different bags - tomorrow I am cutting the patterns.
also on the list for tomorrow are xmas presents - all being run up by lil old moi in the "studio"!
gotta go now - hope to be back in a couple of days with pics etc.
take care all you gorjuss creatures xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx janie xxxxxxxxxxxx