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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hugbinders day!

Straight after work on Friday evening we jumped in the car and drove up to Drayton just outside Norwich for the long awaited Hugbinders day. Organised by a fab group of crafty ladies to raise money for Macmillan cancer care the day was an astounding success!Over 60 books were made and probably just as many cups of tea and coffee were drunk! If you want to see a load of fab pics from the day just go to the hugbinders blog. Debs was verrrrry busy with her camera - when she wasnt wiggling he bum in a downright gorgeous red skirt!

A new kit has been launched today in the Ruby Summer Vintage Inspiration shop on ebay featuring a beautiful modern floral fabic from Amy Butler. There are many more kits on their way. These could be perfect gifts for crafty mums on mothers day or why not make a kit up and gift your mum the finished article - gauranteed she will be very impressed!

My stash of fabric has been growing phenominally recently and I can't wait to share it with you in the new kits. Think florals, skulls and funkiness!!

btw - I will be running in the race for life at battersea in May - if you feel able to sponsor me please find my online sponsorship page at race for life - Jane Cook Ruby Summer. Thank you very much

'Til next time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Janie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wowy zowy what a launch!

A couple of weeks ago I launched the Ruby Summer cute coin purse in a stunning Amy Butler big spotty fabric - it sold out in three days! Feedback has been amazing - it's sooooo exciting! There are going to be some rather proud crafters out there mincng around showing these off. Oh yes you can certainly show off - just think you made these yourself and no-one else you know is likely to have one! Gotta say have seen Debs at Altered Minds working on hers - fabuloso!
I have just released a few more in a new Amy Butler Love fabric - it is stunning fabric - so gorj I just want to stroke it!
In the meanwhile I have now recovered from the pesky flu and incumbent infections and am busy working on a new pattern for some divine clutch bags! Oh yeah!
You must go to the Hugbinders blog - go on just five minutes of your time for a really worthwhile cause.
Also for crafty inspiration try googling debs altered mind - really inspirational.
I am starving so really gonna have to feed myself before I fade away (yeah right!)
Happy crafting and have a fab week
J xxxxxx

Check out Ruby Summer on ebay! (shameless plug)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Music you listen to when crafting?

I have been blasting out my tunes this afternoon whilst rummaging through fabrics. Am I the only one who listens to music whilst crafting? Do you have a crafting list set up on your ipod? I haven't because it depends on my mood and jsut how hard I need to concentrate. If I am drawing a new design then I want classical music but if I am sewing it's got to be loud! Classic FM during the Christmas season was bliss!!!
On todays' playslist? Placebo and Muse. Unfortunatley no Jordan Toshiya Smith this afternoon (aka Beast)as he is out.
Happy crafting my lovelies
Janie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ebay shop restocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ruby Summer Vintage Inspiration shop on ebay has been restocked with plenty more to come!
Check out the item numbers below, the sensible pricing policy and the FREE postage and packaging to mainland UK.

Book bag - 330517479685
Coin Purse Kit - 330517453686
Cosmetic Purse Kit - 330517446957
Book Bag (Vintage Chocolate and roses) - 330517487905
Gutermann HT2 Textile machine washable glue - 330517466055

Keep your eyes peeled for more beautiful goodies!

Love you all
Janie xxxxxx

Monday, 27 December 2010

Ruby Summer goes crackers and musings on the new year!

Well howdy all! I am crackers! Besides the obvious cracker connotations of Christmas I am also busy busy busy with bag design - yay! Talking of Christmas was yours good? Christmas chez RSVI was great charactersied by the words cosy, quiet, familial and FAB. I got a new toy too! Yep, I finally got my embellisher which I've been playing with all day. I know a lot of people use them for felting but me always having to find another angle worked out how to distress fabric with it! I reckon some of the fabric I made today would be excellent for book covers etc.It is really brilliant FUN!
I have designed and made a couple of new totes and a satchel stylee bag this week.The fabrics are sooooo gorj I don't know what to say! Back to the drawing board in the morning to draw up some more ideas.Ooooh and I rustled up a little ipod touch cover out of some of my sample embellisher distressed fabric this evening before Easties started! Oh yeah - Super Woman! Hahahahaha.
It's time to get the game plan for the year written up - there are markets I want to attend, craft shows to have a stall at, textile events to visit and lots of drawing and making to do! Best get the year planner out then!
One thing that has always mystified me is News Years Eve - is it just me or is it an anti-climax? In the interests of research I would love to know what it is you do that makes it so good? I need some inspiration as I wanna be part of the fun!!!!!
Anyway... here's me wishing you the most amazing and peaceful 2011 full of success and love xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Loving the snow!

I am loving the snow! It meant I got back to my workshop earlier than planned today and I have managed to get the new frame purse instructions processed. As always I am relying on the editor (yes, Rob) to check it all through!
I have also been cutting out more Dotty kits tonight. I was trying to work out why they took so long to put together - look at the photo - there is tons of stuff in it all in different pieces! Hey at least the recipients of these yummy kits will know they were put together with a hell of a lot of love!
Back to the snow - how strange is it to get snow in November? No doubt just like where you are it hasn't stopped all day. Debs assures me that the flakes were falling at 1.7 metres per second - can you tell she is an engineer?! I have no idea how fast they were falling but there gazillions of them.Ok well it's time to get back to the cutting table....
Keep crafting my beautiful snow angels!
love janie xxxxxx

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Did you know?.................

Men wore bags until the internal pocket was invented? Of course now that they have internal pockets they shove their hands in them and their junk in our bags to lug around!!! Happy Days...
Happy crafting xxxx

Call Me Dotty - Make your own makeup bag!http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ruby-Summer-Bag-Making-Kit-Aqua-Black-/330501969944?pt=UK_Crafts_SewingPatterns_EH&hash=item4cf373d818