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Sunday, 13 June 2010


Yay! I did it! I made my first and certainly not my last frame purse. I have kept it deliberatley simple but hey the world is my oyster now- haha!
I entered the dining room this morning feeling very nervous in case I messed up - well it would have been an expensive mistake!!! Radio on, coffee made, machine plugged in and ready for some serious sewing action!
Unfortunatley the colours really dont show up well in this lovely english summer light we have to take photographs in! The bag is beautifully squishy (do you know many layers of silk fleece are involved in a bag?)and a beautiful coffee colour with cream and a faded red lining. It's a real shame you can't get to see that. I shall have to get some better lighting for the photography.
I am just baout to be invaded by family so I shall take my sore backside (yes I did some serious squats on the TRX int he gym today!) and get some supper on the go!
Speak soon
J xxxxx


  1. OMG that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please remember I am a loyal and devoted follower of your blog

    that is appropos of nuffin

  2. appropos is one of my favourite words!
    i will never forget your devotion and one day you will be rewarded hansomely!

  3. Nicks you told me it was awfu.......! pmsl

    Janie remember you love Jezebel and Jezebel loves you!

    This is totally gorjus dahlinks xxxxxxxx

  4. DEBS!!!!!!!!!! you are off my christmas list!!

    Janie, I said no such thing LOL

  5. heheheeeeeeeeeeeeee! :-)

  6. jezebel def love jezebel and the hand blank harlot!
    dont worry nicks i dont believe a word HJH says!