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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Brrrrrrr....and Karen and myself in maths!

So it is almost the longest day and then it starts getting darker in the evenings again! How did that happen without even getting any decent weather?!
I helped out today at Wimbledon Village Fair today - it waa packed but boy am I glad I played safe and wore jeans and took a jacket.
Enough moaning about the weather! I have been pattern drawing this week - hmmm didn't think I would ever need a protracter once I left school. It reminded me of Karen and myself struggling through maths trying to work out what on earth we needed to do maths for when we were clearly going to be rock stars! "come on girls rotate the shape at 12 degrees" - it still mystifies me to this day!! What about you Kazzy-Lou?
Off to sew now - the dining room (oops sorry, studio) awaits me! Do hope Rob cleared up a bit after hours of working in there on Friday!
Mug of skinny cow - check
DAB radio - check
Patience - let's wait and see!
Hopefully will have piccies to upload tomorrow
Have a lovely Saturday night
Janie xxxx


  1. good luck.... awaiting results

  2. now showing on a blog near you nicky noodles!

  3. Do you want to borrow my technical drawing board?! lol

  4. nah - Rob has oneand it looks alien to me!

  5. I need to make a bag for my ceroc dancing shoes.
    But do I make a bigger one to put my outdoor shoes in while dancing or slip the dancing shoes bag into my outdoor shoes... ohhhh

    hmmm funky cloth stuff or that plain wotsit and stamp it and stuff.... hmmm

    The last thing I want to use is a ca- a car- ohhh Janie, noooooooooooooo!!!!

  6. P.S.
    I'd see you using one of those things first! lol
    (Lidl diddle one too! lol)

  7. your biggest worry is the pattern you will cut and the lining - the design on outside will be the easy bit!

  8. Not to mention sewing in a straight line! lol

  9. especially the straight line particularly if you have had a moscow mule or three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!