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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Just a quicky - oo-er missus!

Just a quick posting tonight as I have a much bigger posting to put up in the week - yay!
This week has been not so good - damned viruses etc have laid me low for most of the week. Am feeling a lot better today and have even ventured out into the cold, ooooh I am so brave. My poor darling daughter wrote her car off yesterday. Luckily she is relatively unscathed but emotinally it has really got to her. Kate we love you xxxx
I have been editing and re-editing the "Call Me Dotty" pattern instructions. My editor (okay, Rob) is doing the final checks for me tomorrow. I am pretty certain I am doing more pre-launch checks than NASA when sending a rocket in to space! Guess it is the lawyer in me. (No rude jokes there please!)
Have also been working on the pattern for the new coin purse kit. Nicks and Sparkles already have a version of the finished product but there will be some changes in the gusset area - hahaha.
Will be sending out a bigger post in the week as promised.
Stay crafty................love Janie xx

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