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Saturday, 13 November 2010

The bag lady writes.....!

Hello out there how are you all this week? Have your houses stayed standing or more to the point did you when you braved it outside in the biting winds?
Right now I am keeping warm in front of the fire, Rob is still outside in the garden insulating his office and Beast is out with friends. So here I am with a golden opportunity to catch up with you all!
So the bag lady has been busy! Three different really useful zip top bags in different sizes with different finishes. They are fully lined with the most gorj fabrics - I loooooooooooooove them! They aren't too difficult to put together and the "Call me Dotty" bag, an original Ruby Summer pattern, will be available as a kit for all you crafty people very soon.They are a fab sewing project giving you an original accessory with a squillion uses.I have a friend who is sending them out to California as Christmas gifts! I plan to use mine as a clutch and then it will be my new makeup bag after the party season is over. My sister uses her to put her "nursing bits" in and Mum has one that she keeps her meds in within her handbag so she keeps organised. What will you use yours for?
I hope you love the piccies and the minute the kits are launched officially you will be the first to know! I am expecting to follow these with framepurses inthe new year!
Stay warm, stay upright and stay crafty!
Loads of love Janie xxxxx


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dotty they do look yum!

  2. Wow Dotty well slap my thigh and call me tuna, they are scrumptious dahlinks xxx