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Monday, 27 December 2010

Ruby Summer goes crackers and musings on the new year!

Well howdy all! I am crackers! Besides the obvious cracker connotations of Christmas I am also busy busy busy with bag design - yay! Talking of Christmas was yours good? Christmas chez RSVI was great charactersied by the words cosy, quiet, familial and FAB. I got a new toy too! Yep, I finally got my embellisher which I've been playing with all day. I know a lot of people use them for felting but me always having to find another angle worked out how to distress fabric with it! I reckon some of the fabric I made today would be excellent for book covers etc.It is really brilliant FUN!
I have designed and made a couple of new totes and a satchel stylee bag this week.The fabrics are sooooo gorj I don't know what to say! Back to the drawing board in the morning to draw up some more ideas.Ooooh and I rustled up a little ipod touch cover out of some of my sample embellisher distressed fabric this evening before Easties started! Oh yeah - Super Woman! Hahahahaha.
It's time to get the game plan for the year written up - there are markets I want to attend, craft shows to have a stall at, textile events to visit and lots of drawing and making to do! Best get the year planner out then!
One thing that has always mystified me is News Years Eve - is it just me or is it an anti-climax? In the interests of research I would love to know what it is you do that makes it so good? I need some inspiration as I wanna be part of the fun!!!!!
Anyway... here's me wishing you the most amazing and peaceful 2011 full of success and love xxxxxxx


  1. I watch the hootenanny. I can't recommend it enough! fun fun fun!!!

  2. Ohhh wow what dahling bags - to die for dahlinks and I lurrves the gorge ipod holder, they are all scrummy.
    All you need on NYE is cold Bollinger and a hot man - ooh la-laaa!