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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Music you listen to when crafting?

I have been blasting out my tunes this afternoon whilst rummaging through fabrics. Am I the only one who listens to music whilst crafting? Do you have a crafting list set up on your ipod? I haven't because it depends on my mood and jsut how hard I need to concentrate. If I am drawing a new design then I want classical music but if I am sewing it's got to be loud! Classic FM during the Christmas season was bliss!!!
On todays' playslist? Placebo and Muse. Unfortunatley no Jordan Toshiya Smith this afternoon (aka Beast)as he is out.
Happy crafting my lovelies
Janie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Similar to you, ecelectic mix, depends on mood and work doing. I prefer crafting standing up - you'd have a job on to do that at the sewing machine! lol

  2. Hi Janie

    I always have Muse at the Gym Lol
    Strauss when I am deep and meaningful (otherwise cant be bothered )
    and allsorts depending on my mood x
    Love the bags x