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Sunday, 19 September 2010

There's a meeting in the bedroom!

Evening all!
What a frantic weekend! The ghant chart is updated and I have a squillion tasks to do for next weeks meeting. We have been having our weekly meetings in the .............................bedroom! Well we havent got a boardroom and bedroom sounds a bit like boadroom so why the hell not?! I've never been to such chilled meetings - freshly brewed coffee, gluten free toast and marmite, two laptops and all whilst still sat in bed - yay! Long may it continue.
On top of MY task list today was to create a proper workshop. I think I have done really well but I've now got a cracking back ache. (Well I did raise my weights again in the gym yesterday too!). Nothing a pot of tea can't sort out - Rob can I have a cuppa please? I need some picture rail hooks to put up a mood board or two and hang finished scruumy bags for photographing.
Talking of photography do any of you have any great hints about setting up a cheap and easy to put together set to get the most out of my pics?
Rob has been busy doing technical tasks today. I am not a bad techie but he is amazing - what would Ruby Summer do if we didn't have him to guide us? He really is so inspirational. Rob I love you x
I've got some designs draw up this week so from Tuesday I will be running up samples for the week. I can't do it tomorrow as my granddaugter is 3 tomorrow so I'm going to see her.
Hope you like the pics
Janie xxxxxx


  1. can I tell everyone i knew you before you became to bags what jimmy choo is to shoes ??

  2. please do darling!!!
    would u like the label autographed on yours?
    of course when i am the jimmy choo of bags i hope to commission you to design the photo shoots! xxxx

  3. Wow dahlinks it's all coming together - how exciting. I am thrilled to bits for you Janie.